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$299 /Rental

Portable Entertainment System
24 Hour Service
Delivery & Pick Up

What is a SpinBoxx?

A wireless sound & light system that allows users to control music and volume, along with announcements on wireless mics, and LED's that create ambient lighting as well as dance lights that bring the beat of the party to the dance floor. Think of it like a GIANT bluetooth speaker system!


Includes /Reception

Pro DJ Services & Lighting
Meetings, Music Prep, Set Up, & Breakdown (15 to 20 Hours)

Why do I need a DJ?

The Pro package includes the services of a professional DJ. Along with hosting the event, the emcee will stage ambient and dance floor lighting for the party. The DJ is key to making sure the feel, sound, and music is perfect.


Includes /Ceremony & Reception

Pro DJ Services, Multi-Sound Systems & Lighting
Meetings, Music Prep, Set Up, & Breakdown (20 to 25 Hours)

Can I pay by the hour?

Premium packages include a full day rate, which is typically a 12 hour day, as well as multiple locations for personal sound and lighting. A professional DJ will invest over 20 hours of prep, meetings, and coordination before the day of your event.
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